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    • Lightweight Glass

        • Bottles are domestically produced lightweight glass.

        • Ryder Estate Shipper
        • Saves consumption of raw materials:

          • This equates to fewer incoming loads, a reduction in trucks = a reduction in CO2 emissions on the road

          • Less raw material = less mining and associated environmental impacts associated with that process

        • Ryder Estate shipper
        • Saves on energy during the manufacturing process:

          • Less energy used to melt batch materials to make the same bottle (less material = less time to melt)

        • Density:

          • More products fit on a pallet, reducing overall footprint

          • Less usage of pallet materials (wood, plastic, fiber) for the same number of bottles

          • Transportation weight is impacted reducing the fuel usage when transporting bottles to storage and to customers further reducing carbon emissions

          • Bottle factory is within 150 miles of our winery


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